Sing the Bay Fantastic

A Collection of Chesapeake Bay Songs by Janie Meneely

Finally! I've gathered my many Bay-related songs (40+) into a wire-bound compendium that includes some (very) short stories and poems. Songs range from Morning Watch (a Crab Alley Favorite) to Nasty Nell (Paul's Favorite) to Father was a Dredgerman (so new many of you haven't heard it yet!).

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with my work, the songs are a celebration of the people, places and traditions of the Chesapeake Bay waterfront, presented herewith as a way to spread the word and preserve, at least in song, a way of life that is changing way too fast.

I hope the book serves as a resource for Bay lovers wherever you may be, musicians looking for the words and chords of some of my ditties and folk who are hoping to discover new material to sing. The song are notated, texted and chorded, and where its might be of interest, I've included my sometimes copious notes on the history and background of each tale. The 8½" x 11" wire-bound book will lie flat.

This collection of Janie's songs is only available from Janie.
Contact her HERE to order.

$25/ postage paid (if shipped within the U.S.A.)

$8/ download copy

$2/ individual song sheets

Here's what folks have to say about the collection:

Pete Lesher, Chief Curator, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Those who love the Chesapeake Bay as I do are richer for experiencing Janie Meneely's inspired music, which is rooted in the culture, history and sense of place of this treasured region. Those who encountered some of these songs at performances over the years may be as stunned as I am by the depth and extent of this collection. Thanks to Janie for writing it all down and sharing it with us in Sing the Bay Fantastic

Lisa Null, Founder, Green Linnet Records
Janie Meneely breathes life, legend and history into her songs about the working people of the Chesapeake bay, often showing the active rolls of women (real and fanciful) play in the maritime world.

Jeff Holland, Poet Laureate of Eastport
Janie finds her inspiration in the people, places, boats and critters of the Chesapeake Bay. After four decades of churning this inspiration into ballads of woe, songs of joy, and poems of celebration, luckily for us, she has found the time to curate her cannon into this splendid collection.

John Roberts, Folksinger
Brilliant! It is so much more than a songbook, and the songs are great.

Fred Tutman, Patuxent Riverkeeper
This little treasure of a songbook is jammed full of stories, anecdotes, doodles, pictures and folk tales of the Chesapeake Bay—all in terms accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike. It's designed to be passed around as the song and stories themselves are ageless and worthy of retelling (and singing!).

Gordon Bok, Timberhead Music
What a impressive songbook—a delightful variety of songs. It's all here: the wily and wild, the spooky and gnarly and . . . true; the kind of songs that teach us the real history—the people's history—of a place.

Captain Ed Farley, Skipjack H.M. Krentz
Janie's songs really resonate with me as a skipjack owner and captain. "The Devil and St. Pete" would have been a favorite for "Daddy" Art Daniel, my mentor and a great singer of Methodist hymns while sailing the City of Crisfield until he came ashore at 94.

Busy Graham, Founder-Director, Carpe Diem Arts
A truly marvellous treasure trove of songs and illustrations. A collection that will be enjoyed by many a singer and song circle!

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