Janie Meneely has an exceptional ability to sing a vivid picture of a place—namely, the Chesapeake Bay, its distinctive sights and sounds and smells and history. You might never see a wooden skipjack, follow an osprey toward the sunset, or haul in a net full of oysters, but you can experience it through Janie’s lyrics and lovely, powerful singing. And she won’t let you forget for a moment that the history of the Bay is the history of maritime women.

      Mike Livingston
 Folklore Society of Greater Washington

 "Tom and I very much enjoyed your concert.  Your songs with their introductions and area history are wonderful.  They have a delightful humor, rhythms, and spirit. We're looking forward to your new CD."

Kathy and Tom Dove, Annapolis, Md.

“Stories of one’s heritage must be told and heard in order to remain alive and powerful. Janie Meneely to make that heritage lively and memorable through their evocative songs and exuberant performance.”

Davina Grace Hill, Executive Director
Chesapeake Arts Center, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225


Janie’s concerts are a perpetual crowd-pleaser at the Annapolis Maritime Museum’s Summertime Maritime Concert series. The music celebrates our heritage, our culture and our natural habitat, and the audience loves hearing these authentic Chesapeake Bay musicians singing about the Bay with the Bay as a backdrop.

Mary Ostrye, Administrative Manager
Annapolis Maritime Museum


When Janie Meneely picks up her guitar and wraps her buoyant voice around a folk tune, she becomes a singer of people and places Chesapeake. . . . She draws an appreciative portrait of the Bay, its familiar sights (“Thomas Point Light”), long ago tragedies (“Katie Allen”) and whimsical characters (“Sweet Yellow Legs”). Like the Bay, the music never sits still for long. .

Marty LeGrand, review of “Give Me a River”
Chesapeake Bay Magazine (May 2002)

My wife and I are both from the Midwest but have been around water and boats most of our lives. We have been boating on the Bay since 2002 and have fallen in love with it.  I think [Janie Meneely’s] music reflects the Bay's history and the character of the people who make their living from the Bay, at least as we have grown to understand it.

Paul B. Christianson, Col. USAF


I have to tell you that my whole family loves the Oyster Wife CD!  We have a house on Deal Island and just love everyone and the whole Chesapeake Bay culture!  Please put me on your mailing list! Thanks!

Emily Dubs


My father and I and our family friends love to hear your music—brings us back to our sailing days (although some of us still sail).

Anna Bivin, Thomaston, Texas


Thank you very much for making the trek over to Port Isobel again. The girls enjoyed your presentation very much, as you will see from the enclosed cards. Your many talents and enthusiasm about the Chesapeake Bay added so much to the overall adventure for the students. I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.

Marjorie R. Hoffman, Head of the Middle School Garrison Forest School


Janie Meneely has a fine ear and a good lusty sense of humor.

Max Ochs, 333 Coffeehouse
Annapolis, Md.


Janie Meneely presents regional music at its best. She brings to life the characters of the Chesapeake Bay with wisdom and ease, and her songs remain in the air long after the music stops.

Laury Lear, librarian
 Annapolis Middle School

I think of Southern Maryland as “Janie Meneely Country” because when I drive to places like Edgewater or Solomon’s Island, I constantly pass locales that are mentioned in Janie’s songs.

Liz Milner, Arlington, Md.

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