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Cannibals on the Choptank: The Perils and Pleasures of the Middle Bay
Janie takes listeners along on an eventful cruise around the Middle Bay, focusing especially on the Choptank River. She’ll be able to update you on places you may know about already and introduce you to some spots you may have missed. She’ll also talk about cruising strategies for getting around the Middle Bay. If you’re lucky, she’ll remember to bring hand-outs with follow-up info, like websites and phone numbers.

Independent Boating for Women (Motivational)
Janie was a reluctant captain for years until she screwed up her courage and took the wheel once and for all. That’s when her boating fun really began. Since then she’s interviewed scads of ladies who have learned (or want to learn) the ropes on their own boats. In this lively and informative (preferably ladies-only) presentation, Janie introduces her colleagues (Mrs. Noah, Mrs. Magellen and the indefatigable Cleopatra among them) to illuminate some of the tacit barriers that may be preventing ladies from taking charge.

Cruising the Chesapeake Bay
This can be an update on newish things to do and places to go on the Bay, or it can be a whirlwind intro tour to the highlights of Bay cruising.

Boat Buying 101
Janie walks you through the various aspects of boat buying, from the questions to ask yourself beforehand to the responsibilities you’ve assumed when the ink is dry. Not surprisingly, she includes a look at alternatives to boat ownership.

Seminar lengths will vary to fill the time available. Allow at least 45 minutes; 90 minutes is more realistic if there are lots of questions.

Single seminar presentation: $750
Multi-presentation (same day): $1000
More than two days? Let’s negotiate. It will really depend on time of year and distance.
Seminar fees include travel within a four-hour radius of DC.

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