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paul diblasiFolks might remember Paul DiBlasi as the flamboyant Drake Mallard, part of the Pyrates Royale crew  from the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where he regaled festival audiences with his bawdy humor and resonant baritone voice. He took off his pirate duds at the close of the 2009 festival season and has since devoted his musical prowess to supporting Calico Jack in all its various endeavors. He adds a dash of color as well as a splash of comedy to the duo’s routine. But DiBlasi really shines as a singer. His vocals add a full-throated gusto to the mix, where he gives voice to the watermen Meneely so often writes about. He also brings his repertoire of classic work songs to Meneely’s portfolio of originals--along with a flair for harmony and a wider range of guitar chords than Meneely has at her command.

DiBlasi’s deft guitar playing and artistic rendering of Meneely’s songs really put them in the spotlight. “He’s the real anchor on stage,” Meneely says. “He is able to interpret the work I do in a way I never could. From being the gruff-throated waterman to just being able to bellow out a song, he is what makes Calico Jack a strong stage act.”

A landlubber from Bethesda, Paul DiBlasi has been learning the ropes aboard Meneely’s Tartan 27, Petrel, and is becoming a full-fledged sailor in his own right. Meanwhile, he mows her Takoma Park lawn, and she makes his morning coffee.