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Lyrics - You Don't Know Jack
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you don't know jack cover(for Chelle Fulk from Janie Meneely)

Oh, do you know a sailor, goes by the name of Jack
Tattoo on his forearm and a pigtail down his back
He's often seen around the quay or by the alehouse door
Once I saw him napping right there on the barroom floor

He took off with my wallet
And he didn't bring it back
But if you don't know any sailors, then
You don't know Jack
My Jack he has a lovely smile, even when he's sober
And sweet as peas in springtime, he'd never make a soldier
He'd never lift a finger, in malice or in strife
And he's never worked an honest day of labor in his life

Now Jack, he likes the ladies but he's only got one eye
And sure it keeps him busy when the ladies pass him by
But certain girls aren't worth a glance or so he swore to me
If they still have all their clothes on, then what's poor Jack to see?

Jack he is a gallant sort, a real cavalier
He'll follow like a puppy if you treat him to a beer
Buy a tot of rum and you'll have found yourself a friend
Ask him for some money and you won't see him again

Jack took me to the seashore and he gave a little wink
Said he would buy the dinner if I would buy the drinks
Filet mignon and lobster, it was really all quite fine
But he couldn't find his wallet and he had to borrow mine

Jack is very spiritual, he's into meditation
He contemplates his navel with utmost dedication
He's really into Budha and all mysteries profound--
And he reads the Kamasutra with every girl in town!

My friends all say that I should just forget about poor Jack
He's gone to sail the ocean blue and won't be coming back
But he told me I should wait for him right on this very shore
And when he's picked your wallet clean, he's coming back for more!

He took off with my wallet
But I hope he brings it back,
But if you don't know any sailors, then
You don't know Jack

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