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Lyrics - Partners
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You be the caller
I'll be the call, and
You be the rising,
I'll be the fall
You be the sundown
I'll be the moonlight
Sing down the starlight,
There's plenty for all

   Fiddler won't you play on
   Set your bowstring on fire
   Let the dance fill the empty
   And heartwings enflame
   Set our souls full on merry
   And our bowls full of cider
   Dapple down, dilly dapple
   Dapple down, dilly oh
   Dapple down, dilly dapple
   Dapple down, dilly oh

You be the ember
I'll be the flame, and
You be the wild one,
I'll be the tame
You be the storm wind
I'll be the vesper
You be the thunder,
I'll be the rain.

You be the morning
I'll be the mountain
You be the kingdom,
I'll be the crown
You be the dewfall
I'll be the teardrop
Together our blessings
We'll lay on the ground.

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