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Lyrics - Islands (Tilghman, Tangier, Smith, Hooper, Deal)
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the oyster wifeWhen I sail away today, I'll set my course for south
With the tide I'll ride the wind up to the river's mouth
Then down the Bay I'll sail way, wing on wing I'll run
Till I see ahead of me my islands in the sun

   Tilghman, Tangier, Smith, Hooper, Deal
   Steeples in the summer sky, lilies in the field
   On your shores I'll drop my sails
   I'll drop my anchor 'round
   And let your comfort cover me, till the sun goes down.

I feel the wind against my chin, the wheel hard in my hand
Sails all bellied fat and full, we pull away from land
Pull away from workaday, from freeways and from phones
Work nine to five to stay alive-it's good to be alone

   Tilghman, Tangier . . .

I watch the workboats head for home, their catches in their hold
Silver in the fish they catch, the morning sun their gold
Hard enough the life they lead, what peace it seems to me
If I could trade but for a day, I wonder if I'd leave

   Tilghman, Tangier . . .

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