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Lyrics - The Boatbuilder
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oysterwife coverHe'd shape the wood with calloused hands as tough as knotty pine
Lay the planks against the frame one strake at a time
He'd plane and sand and paint 'er up, always one more coat
And before another month was out, he'd launch another boat

   A skipjack or a sharpie, a catboat or canoe
   For working or for pleasure there's nothing he can't do
   A skiff, a launch, a deadrise, a brogan or batteau
   He'd build them all by rack of eye, and Lordy-watch them go!

His workshop smelled like turpentine, his jacket smelled the worse
He'd run stubbed fingers through his beard, he'd hawk and spit and curse
But when it came to building boats, there's none could speak him ill
And there's nothing on the water Like the boats that he could build

His father trained him for the trade, and a few uncles to boot
With a granddad watching over things and doing what he could
And his own son and grandson, well, they're handy with the tools
One's an uptown lawyer and another's off at school
And the yard is kinda quiet now, all the orders have been filled
He'll finish out a hull or two just to pay the bills
But every night at closing time the boys start dropping by
Slap a six-pack on the bench and talk of times gone by

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