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Contact: Janie Meneely
8011 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
443-786-0463 • janiemeneely@gmail.com

For all ages:
Chesapeake Songs and Stories
Enjoy an interactive session as Miss Janie weaves a unique blend of watermen's tales and songs that bring to life the characters of a traditional waterman's community. Using large full-color posters that underscore the ethnic diversity of these communities, Miss Janie introduces her audience to the intricacies of oyster dredging aboard a skipjack, Maryland's state boat.

For grades 7-8:
The Oyster Wars
As the oyster industry flourished on the Chesapeake Bay, tempers flared. Skipjacks strayed into the tongers’ territory; Virginians brought their power dredges into Maryland waters. To make matters worse, immigrants were “shanghaied” off the Baltimore docks and forced to work aboard a dredgeboat, only to run the risk of being paid off by the boom. Janie & Paul present songs about these heady times, and encourage students to do their own research into how the “Western Shore Was Won.”

Cost: $350 ($500 for two or more same-site programs) plus travel
Grade Level: PreK-8

Contact: Janie Meneely
8011 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
Phone: 443-786-0463 Email: janiemeneely@gmail.com


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