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Contact: Janie Meneely
8011 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
443-786-0463 • janiemeneely@gmail.com

Let us know if we can support your cause in any way. We are happy to consider fund raisers for organizations devoted to preserving the Bay and its culture. Calico Jack is all about raising awareness about the Bay and the issues it faces today.

We feel a special kinship with non-profit groups that champion Bay causes, provide information, insight, legwork and sweat equity in the revitalization of the Bay’s resources. We recognize that they need money in order to cover organizational costs and miscellaneous expenses. If we can headline a concert that will add to those coffers, we’re happy to oblige. On the other hand, we have expenses too, so we would reasonably expect to cover our immediate travel costs as well as some increment of our basic production budget. We can do this in any number of pre-negotiated ways:

  • Split the Gate: We can work for a percentage of the ticket sales. This makes us a partner in the promotion of the event and puts pressure on us to help generate a larger audience.
  • Limited Guarantee: We ask for a percentage of the gate, not to exceed $200. We will still help in the promotion, but agree up front on a cap.
  • Flexible guarantee: We ask for a percentage of the gate OR $200, whichever is greater.
  • Fly Our Flag: We are happy just to be part of your event in exchange for the exposure and opportunity to expand our audience.

Never hosted a fundraising event before? We’ve done a bit of that in our day. Feel free to pick our brains.



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