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janie and paulContact: Janie Meneely
8011 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
443-786-0463 • janiemeneely@gmail.com

Bay Music

The music of cruising sailor/songwriter/raconteur Janie Meneely celebrates the people and places of the Chesapeake Bay. She captivates audiences with her evocative imagery and spot-on sense of Bay characters and traditions. Their songs echo the stories of the watermen and their communities and provide glimpses into Bay history and legend.

Photo: Janie and her late parnter, Paul DiBlasi

Janie's music requires a concert setting—that is, she needs an audience. For background music, mood music or a dance band, you’ll have to look elsewhere (I can probably recommend someone with a nautical slant). That’s not to say I have to be on stage. I'm happy to gather in your living room or regale your group for an after-dinner romp right there in the restaurant. Waterfront locales are always my favorite venues—yacht clubs, deckboats, town docks—but I'm happy to play anywhere people are ready to listen.

A standard set runs about 45 minutes; a standard concert performance generally involves two sets with a break in between. For festivals I am happy to play 3-4 sets day, so long as there is adequate space in between for a little rest for the voice.

I will happily provide and set up my own sound system.

Fee schedule:
Festival (multi-set) performances:  $600/day
One-audience shows (one or two sets):  $400
House Concerts: $15 suggested donation per person
( Never run a house concert? See below.)

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